Real Vibes

  • WATCH: Thaddeus Tukes and the Chicago Freedom Ensemble at Expo Dubai 2020

    Enjoy jazz with a twist as Thaddeus Tukes, the world’s best vibraphonist, leads the Chicago Freedom Ensemble combining elements of funk, hip-hop and traditional jazz.
  • WATCH: Thaddeus Tukes and His Quartet on the Midday Fix

    Chicago Scene: Live Music from Thaddeus Tukes on the Vibes and his Quartet.
  • WATCH: "Let's Vibe" on Windy City Live

        Thaddeus Tukes, a 26-year-old Chicago-based pianist, composer and vibraphonist shared the instrument's origins and the differences between ja...
  • WATCH: Thaddeus Tukes with Piano in the Parks

        Jazz musician Thaddeus Tukes volunteered to give free piano lessons through Make Music Chicago’s "Pianos in the Parks" program. Find out how ...
  • Cuba Libre: 60 Years Since the Cuban Revolution

    60 years later, Cuba is still a symbol of people's rights and the power of community. For musicians, however, Cuba exemplifies the idea that rhthym comes from the soul.